ACF Policies

(**Amended June 8th, 2013)

It is Alberta Curling Federation policy that it will only support one nominee each year for an opening on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Curling Association.

Beginning with the 2010 CCA AGM the policy for determining who the ACF supported nominee is will be as follows:

1)   A nomination package must be submitted to the ACF office prior to March 1st. This package should include a biography and picture of the individual who would like to be considered. The candidate should also include a written position paper detailing their interest on the CCA Board position and how they intend to represent the membership and stakeholder groups. It must also include a nomination endorsement from one of the following:

=     Board of Directors of a regional association
=     Board of Directors of the ACF

2)   In the event more than one nomination package is received copies will be distributed to the ACF Board of Directors.

3)   A decision as to who will be supported will be made at the ACF March Board Meeting.

4)   The ACF will file the nomination material of the successful candidate to the CCA prior to the April 1st deadline along with the endorsement letter required from the ACF. The ACF President will advise the successful and unsuccessful candidate(s) of the decision of the ACF Board.

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