Coaching Requirements

For Competition...

All coaches must be at least 21 years of age in all categories except for U15. For U15 competitions, coaches must be at least 18 years of age, if a coach is less than 21 years old, he/she must provide two favourable letters of reference if requested.

Coaches in all categories must have a Police Record Check on file with Curling Alberta. Criminal Record Checks expire with our organization in three years. For example, if your check was completed prior to Sept 2017, you are required to submit a new one for this curling season (2019-20). To complete your Criminal Record Check online, visit

All Coaches should review the competition policies, Competitor’s Guide and related event Appendix. Click here

Provincial Qualifiers & Championships


National Championships 



Training vs. Certification

The Community Sport Stream consisting of “Club Coach:  Youth” and “Club Coach” programs consist of training only.  At the completion of these workshops, coaches will be “Trained.”  There is no evaluation component to these programs.

The Competition Stream consisting of “Competition Coach” and “Competition Development” consist of training and evaluation(s).  Upon successful completion of evaluation(s), coaches in the competition stream will be “Certified.”  While training is always recommended, a “challenge” process does exist.

For more details, visit the Curling Canada Evaluation Requirements


What do I need to coach at the Games?

 Alberta Winter Games, Arctic Winter Games:

  •  Competition Coach Certified

Canada Winter Games:

  • Competition Development Coach Certified OR Competition Coach Certified (Competition Introduction) with specialized Canada Winter Games Professional Development Module



Let’s break it down…


Club Coach - Trained

  • Successfully complete 2-day workshop
  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation - Competition Introduction


Competition Coach - Trained

  • Successfully complete 2-day workshop
  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation - Competition Introduction



Competition Coach - Certified

  • Successfully complete 2-day workshop
  • Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation - Competition Introduction
  • Submission of Plan a Practice and Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to Curling Alberta
  • On-Ice Evaluation


Competition Development Coach - Certified

  • Successfully complete 4-day workshop
  • Complete two observation evaluations (a practice and a competitive environment)
  • Five webinars on material not covered in the 4-day workshop
  • Competition Development Make Ethical Decision (MED) Online Evaluation
  • Complete four competition development multi-sport modules: Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Psychology of Performance and Leading Drug Free Sport

The program will take approximately 14 months to complete, as it requires writing, implementing, executing and debriefing an annual plan.



What is MED?


MED (Make Ethical Decisions) Multi-Sport 3 Hour Module

  • The cost for the MED Multi-sport 3-hour Module offered by Curling Alberta is $45.00.  When you have completed the Module - Curling Alberta will forward your information to Curling Canada for input into the national database (The Locker).  This will, in turn, allow you to take your MED Online Evaluation at no cost. There may be a one to two-week processing period after you have taken the MED Multi-Sport Module before you will be able to complete your MED Online Evaluation. 


On-line MED Evaluation

  • It is not mandatory to take the Multi-sport module to complete the MED Online Evaluation. 
  • The fee for taking the on-line MED evaluation is $85 (unless you take the Curling Alberta’s MED multi-sport module, in which the on-line evaluation is free).
  • To register, visit
    • You must have your NCCP # (previously CC#) as well as a password to complete the evaluation.
    • If you are unsuccessful after two attempts, it is mandatory you take the Multi-sport 3-hour module "Make Ethical Decisions" provided by Curling Alberta or the provincial government at a cost of $45.  You would then be required to retake the MED Online Evaluation (at no charge).



January 1, 2019 is the deadline to maintain your Certified Status

  • The five-year countdown began January 1, 2014. All coaches whose Levels NCCP qualification are transferred to the New NCCP must complete Make Ethical Decisions (MED) Evaluation by January 1, 2019. Coaches who fail to meet this requirement will be reassigned "In Training" status. "Trained" status will be restored when the MED training is complete.



Course Descriptions

Club Coach Youth (Instruction only*)

This workshop has been designed for the community Coach who is working with children or youth and is introducing the basic skills of curling. The goals of this workshop is to prepare Coaches to help out at the club level. The program is a 7-hour workshop that deals with everything from basic delivery/sweeping mechanics to program safety, setup and logistics. Minimum age requirement - 14 years old. *NOTE: This is only for club instruction. You will need to take other course(s) to attend a Competition with a team.

Club Coach

The Club Coach program is a 15-hour (2-day) workshop designed to enhance the skill set of Instructors who function predominantly at the club level. The Club Coach will be competent in training curlers from youth to masters, with skill levels of beginner to intermediate. The Club Coach is able to instruct Novice (Learn to Curl) and Intermediate clinics. Minimum age requirement - 16 years old.

Competition Coach

Competition Coach is a 2-day workshop. It is recommended that individuals have a good understanding of the game and technical skills from the perspective of working with Intermediate to Advanced-skilled teams. The Competition Coach will learn: Teaching & learning Strategies, Strategy & Tactics, Delivery & Brushing Skills, Skill Analysis, Practice Planning (including Safety & EAP) and Drills to Correct. Minimum age requirement - 16 years old.

Competition Development Coach

Competition Development is a comprehensive course that is designed to assist coaches in taking their teams to the next level of competitive play (eg: provincial, national or international). It is recommended that coaches are working with teams that are “Training to Compete.” The workshop encompasses planning, strategy, analysis and program management to better your team’s performance. The Prerequisites for the Competition development work shop is Level 2 Certified in the old system or Competition Coach Certified.


What are PD Points?

Effective January 2014, a "Maintenance of Certification" for all NCCP coaches was implemented by Curling Canada. Coaches are required to earn a minimum number of Professional Development (PD) Points dependant on their date of certification.

  • Competition Coach - 5 years to earn 20 points

  • Competition Development - 5 years to earn 30 points

  • Club Coach is not included in the PD Point program

PD Points can be earned through a variety of activities. The following workshops have recently been added to 'the Locker' to obtain PD Points:

  • Strategy & Tactics Workshop

  • Coaching a Team in a Competition Effectively

  • Technical Skills Workshop

  • Curling Analytics

For further information regarding PD Points, please visit Curling Canada’s Maintenance of Certification webpage.

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