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All Competition related documents and policies will be posted here as they are approved. Please visit the links below to get ready for your curling season!

They say that change brings opportunity... 
For the 2018-'19 season, Curling Alberta has implemented a number of revisions to its policies for competition aimed to increase participation, highlight developmental opportunities, and promote fairness. We encourage you to read the updated Competitor’s Guide (and appendices) and the notice of Competitive Structure Changes and FAQ to become familiar with the changes.  


START HERE... Curling Alberta's Competitive Structure Changes & FAQ's

(Competitive Structure Changes & FAQ, updated Nov. 2/18)


Curling Alberta Competitor's Guide - version (v) Feb. 2/19

  • New version to include clarification: allow individuals who hold a current Chartered Professional Coach designation as recognized by the Coaching Association of Canada to be an eligible coach at any Curling Alberta Provincial Championship

Competitor's Guide Appendices:


Curling Club Championships Eligibility


Curling Alberta Respect in Sport Policy

  • Action Required for the parents/guardians of all curlers under the age of 18 registering for any Curling Alberta competitions
  • Click here to read the Respect in Sport (RiS) Parent Program announcement
  • Access to Curling Alberta’s RiS Parent Program registration and FAQ’s


Curling Alberta Cresting Policy (v Dec. 16/18)

  • Update reflects the temporary (2018-19 season only) removal of the following text:
    • Manufacturer labels shall not be marked conspicuously, nor shall they appear more than twice per item of clothing. Identification on clothing, hats, and gloves is deemed marked conspicuously if the label is greater than 12 cm2 (4.7 in2).  Equipment identification that is greater than 10% of the surface area is deemed marked conspicuously. 
    • Please review the updated Cresting Policy for further clarification


Curling Alberta Provincial Berth Policy (v Nov. 26/18)

  • Click here to see a sample of how Berths are assigned. 

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