Course Schedule


Ice Tech Level 1

Banff CC - October 4-6 - Click here to Register (Deadline Date is Sept 25, 2019)

Fox Creek CC - November 29 - December 1 - Click here to Register (Deadline Date is Nov. 20, 2019)



Ice Tech Level 2

Sherwood Park CC - TBD


Competition Coach

Saville Community Sports Centre (Edmonton) - September 28 & 29 - Click here to Register  (Deadline Date is Sept 25, 2019)

Innisfail Curling Club - November 23 & 24 - Click here to Register (Deadline Date is Nov 13, 2019)

* Three more destinations are in the works - TBD


Club Coach

North Hill CC (Calgary)- October 5 & 6Click here to Register   (Deadline Date is Sept 25, 2019)

Drayton Valley CC - October 19 & 20 - Click here to Register  (Deadline Date is Oct 9,2019)

Huntington Hills CC (Calgary) - October 26 & 27Click here to Register   (Deadline Date is Oct 16, 2019) 

Fox Creek CC - November 2 & 3 - Click here to Register (Deadline Date is Oct 23, 2019)

Sexsmith CC - November 9 & 10 - Click here to Register (Deadline Date is Oct 30, 2019)

Rose City CC (Camrose) - November 9 & 10 - Click here to Register  (Deadline Date is Oct 30,2019)


Rocky Mountain House CC - TBD                                                    

Gibbons CC - TBD

Thistle CC (Edmonton) - TBD



Have questions or need assistance with your ice, we have people that can help you here at Curling Alberta!

Please contact Lee Smith -


Want to become a trained/certified FACILITATOR for Curling Alberta?

Please contact Shanelle @ (


Want to help with Learn to Curls at Schools and Clubs?

Please contact Shanelle @ (



How to Book a Course at Your Club


As a benefit of affiliation, Curling Alberta member clubs have the ability to book certified facilitators to deliver ice technician certification courses, coaching courses, and umpire courses.  Many clubs have already reached out to us, and the opportunities will be advertised as soon as possible.

See below for a list of courses available for booking.


Club Coach Youth - 1 Day (Saturday or Sunday)

Club Coach - 2 Days (Saturday & Sunday)

Competition Coach - 2 Days - Please contact Rob Krepps @ for more information.

For more details about the different coaching courses, please visit the coach requirements page of our website.

Umpire Courses Level 1 & Level 2 - 1 Day (Saturday or Sunday)

Click here for more information on umpire certification requirements.



Ice Tech Level 1 & Level 2 - 3 Days (Friday,Saturday & Sunday)

Contact Shanelle for further information.


The generalized roles and responsibilities of Curling Alberta and the host club are listed below so you can get a sense of how everything works.  Please note that the availability of our instructors is generally best early in the season, between September and December. 


Club Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Contact Curling Alberta to identify the desired course and preferred dates (
  • Assist to advertise the course to your members and community.
  • Provide access to your club and/or facility for the course free of charge.
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to purchase food and beverages at your club (optional).


Curling Alberta Roles & Responsibilities 

  • Contract and pay available and certified facilitators to deliver the course.
  • Advertise the course (post on website, social media, include in club mailout, etc.).
  • Hold overall financial responsibility associated with organizing and operating the course.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the course (online registration, fee collection, refunds, etc.) and provide all materials and equipment.




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